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Welcome to Print Empress screen printing studio.

We are Edinburgh based independent business led by Karina Pasiut, specialising in short and larger runs of quality custom printed t-shirts or canvas bags. We offer affordable prices, eco-friendly inks and swift turnaround from 3 days onwards. If you're looking for screen printing services with a personal touch, don't hesitate to contact us today!



What is a screen printing meaning?

Screen-printing is a process where ink is pressed through a mesh screen onto a textile or paper surface. A separate screen is required for each colour in the design, so the fewer colours, the less it costs to print. All work is made by hand and thanks to that we achieve one of a kind look and artisanal finish of every print.


Why to choose us?

-We are ethical small business working for local community
- Printing with us keeps your money in the local economy and also reduce delivery emissions
-We are sustainable, working with ecological water-based inks and keeping waste produce low
-We print on 100% organic cotton and second hand clothes too. If your existing wardrobe needs a refresh with a new print here we come!
-We love what we do and we put care into every service we provide!

printing option one

1 Colour Print

Single colour prints are the most popular and affordable choice for fashion and promotional t-shirts. This is due to a quicker set up of one screen, which also reduces the final print cost. Still, one colour doesn't mean just flat block of ink. It could be more intricate like a monochrome photograph.

printing option two

Split Fountain Special Effect

Split fountain printing is a technique that allows two or more colours to be printed in one pass to achieve gradient or rainbow-like effect. For this type of print will apply 'One Colour' price list. Due to the nature of the colour mixing only certain colour combinations work well. We are happy to advise on this.

printing option three

2 Colours Print

Requiring a set-up of two individual screens, one for each colour in the design. To make this colour layers happily meet up in a right spot we have to use printing carousel. Still, this is a hand process and some characteristic imperfections might occur. If your design requires 3 or more colours please message for a quote!


T-shirt and Canvas Bags

We print on garments provided by you and we highly recommend that you opt for cotton or organic fabrics. In case of bulk orders, we can assist you in finding suitable sources to purchase organic T-shirts and canvas bags in a range of delightful hues.



Our inks are eco-friendly and waterbased, custom mixed by hand to meet your specific order requirements. For optimal results, we recommend printing dark colors on white or light-colored garments. Please contact us if you prefer a white design on a black t-shirt for personalized advice.


Your Design and Artwork

It is very important to supply your artwork in high resolution and correct format as it defines the quality of the print. File formats we accept are: .ai, .pdf, .psd. If you do not have good quality artwork, (or any artwork at all) then we can help you to create it!

contact details

Print Empress

OOTB Abbeymount Studios, 2 Easter Rd, Edinburgh EH7 5AN


Sun: Closed, Mon-Fri: 9 am-5 pm, Sat: 10 am-2 pm